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I work night time shifts as a home nurse sometimes as an extra job. The person I'm taking care of has many handicaps. Brain damage blind, can't move muscles, needs help breathing in the nighttime, barely makes any sounds. All she does is pee herself and drools. I'm a nice person, I have lots of emphathy and I want everyone to feel happy and healthy. But I have a hard time being a good nurse to this person. Nothing I do would make a difference to her, you know? She's like a pile of stone with bodily fluids.

So last weekend I worked a night shift. I was so tired. Instead of hearing that terrible breathing-help machine making terrible noises which means I have to get up every 20 minutes to correct it, I turned it off and let her breathe by herself. And I went to sleep.

My boss called me today seeing the records of the breathe-machine thingy, seeing it wasn't on barely at all that night. I lied and said I don't know what's wrong. And then I told her the truth. Now I feel ashamed.


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Jul 23, 2728 03:03 PM - Work - by Bad nurse (Blog)


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