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I love being a submissive. My mistress doesnt want sex, although some of the things she does are somewhat lewdy. In her house I must be nude at all times with arms up. If I put my arms down without asking or being told to I am chained up and whipped. Also I cannot take baths. Im mostly just a tickle slave, however, with some torture. We live in a secluded house in the woods so as long as im a mile from the house, no clothes and arms up, even in the bitter cold of winter. My armpits are most ticklish, then my belly, then my privates. She also uses my belly as a food plate, and with a special metal ring taped to me, a bowl. She pays me for this. Im also branded, with a mark seared on my left armpit. She also always leaves the word "Pet" freshly cut into my belly with an exacto knife. Hey, this is the life I chose. I enjoy it.


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Apr 25, 2017 08:20 PM - Work - by djfnkl ()


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