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So a man came in to our lives a couple years ago. a type of person i never knew existed, He is dangerous. He has no remorse for any actions, emotionally abuses women. Terrible at business. Total alcoholic. It just churns in me how nervous he makes me and the damage he is causing to so many. I don't know how a person does so wrong with no remorse!

He has hundreds and I'm not exaggerating..hundreds of court cases.. one is do i stop him..or just let him continue hurting others? He owns American Asphalt

from others:

Todd Tornstrom is being charged with kidnapping, theft and robbery now in Cuyahoga County. He held her on his yacht one night in august. Todd is a functioning alcoholic. He drives around drunk all the time. He will have a drink in the morning in coffee cups to hide it and mix it with red bull so that you don't smell it.

Court DocketNovember 30, 2016 at 1:54 PM


Looks like we're the first to know! (1) - That's no secret (2)

Feb 7, 2017 09:35 PM - Work - by notsurehowtohandle ()


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