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I really think I'm a disappointing person. When no one is around at my house, I jack off. I am a sex addict. I can't admit to my family that I am gay and I constantly fall in love with other boys, especially in my class. It's so hard for me that I have no courage to tell anyone this secret and I'm scared that my remaining friends would leave me if they found out that I'm gay. I frequently fantasize about having sex with my crushes. My family keeps giving me hint that it's okay for me to gay but I still think of the awkwardness it would bring if I confessed and since they are all Christians and very religious, I'm afraid they would kick me out of the house if they found out that I am a sex addict.
P.S. I'm just 14.


Looks like we're the first to know! (14) - That's no secret (18)

Jun 19, 2015 11:58 AM - Sex - by Anonymous ()


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