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I want to nuzzle your groin, breathing in the scent of you, filling my lungs with your essence. I want to feel the soft velvet of your cock against my cheek. I want to watch as it swells and twitches at my touch, the tip glistening with precum. I want to hear you tell me I may lick it off. I want to taste your salty goodness. I want to feel my heart pounding as I wait, eager to take you in my mouth. I want to open my mouth wide, to feel my lips stretched to accommodate your vastness, my tongue pushed to the floor of my mouth as I take you deeper, to feel you push against the back of my throat, the drool spilling from my mouth. I want to feel your balls tense, hear you grunt as the cum rises inside you, the pressure building. I want you to feel the same surge of electricity racing through your body
as i feel at the moment of release when you spew forth your precious spunk.


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Mar 18, 2015 03:38 PM - Sex - by suki (Blog)


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