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My wife Debi loves giving strangers handjobs. Shes done it at hotels. Motels. She once gave the desk clerk at a motel a handjob for a free room. She also let him play with her tits and she fucked him before we checked out because he gave us a room with a hot tub. She likes teasing truck drivers on the highway by showing her tits or pulling her skirt way up to show her legs. Sometimes she'll end up at a truck stop. She says she loves seeing strangers cocks. I one time tied her to the bed face down, left her there for over an hour I came back with a dude I met at the bar an he fucked her from behind in the pussy and then in the ass. was so hot. She was blindfolded never seen him.


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Mar 26, 2017 11:51 PM - Sex - by nick1955 ()


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