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It's hard to realize that the you got married way to early in life to a woman who has no concept of emotions and shuts down completely when there is any need for a serious conversation. So you ignore big issues until they fester like a gaping wound that no one will tend to. You want to ask someone for help but your stupid friends and family have done nothing but ignore huge issues their entire lives as well and you feel absolutely unequipped to deal with any of this. I'm supposed to be "the man" of the relationship and just deal with it. But what is the man supposed to do when he has absolutely no clue.

I just wish I could have ignored my feelings for that woman and spared both of us this pain...namely mine as I apparently am the only one who has them. I'm tired of being married to a robot and I want to be free. I've met so many wonderful women who actually have hearts that beat and feel but I'm chained to this insufferable woman.


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Sep 19, 2012 06:18 PM - Life - by lastmanstanding ()


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