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My secret isn't to extreme I'm a lesbian . I'm gay but I've never been with a women . I've been knowing this for some time now sense before puberty . But I really was sure of it once I hit puberty and noticed I was very much sexually attracted to women . In elementary while all the girls had crushes on guys I had a crush on a girl . I thought she was the pretties girl in class besides me . So when all the gals asked me who my crush was I said Trevor when I really meant Tiffany :). As I grew older I knew being this way was bad so I never paid attention to it I never gave in to it I continued to date the opposite sex and live life as a straight women . I love my man he's my heart I'll do what ever for him but I dread inter course with him so I make him go down on me all the time and I picture in my head a beautiful women . I'm a women who loves women but has never been with one . I love the essence of a women the softness of her touch the beauty of them .


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Jun 7, 2015 05:04 PM - Life - by Affair (Blog)


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