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Basically im looking for feedback on what ive done, I want to know how bad it is in other peoples eyes. Basically my wife had severe post natal depression and post traumatic stress from the birth of my child, she was in a very bad place. She went off of me completley, no kissing, hugging or touching. Being in the same room as me could make her very agitated. So after a year of this, (plus a year of no sex before she fell pregnant due to medical problems) we both knew she didnt want me and probally didnt love me anymore. So she broached the subject of chatting to other men online to boost her confidence and make her feel attractive as nothing I said or did had an impacat. I said yes and soon she put it to me about going on dates with others for the same reasons and maybe casual fling and said she was fine for me to do the same. I said yes again because I knew she needed some excitment, and I hoped it might remind her of what it used to be like with me. And yes I was excited at the idea of having sex again. I guess I hoped in a weired way that it would bring us back together. Supid, I know. Either way we chatted to people but nothing happened, then she raised the idea of asking one of my mates to sleep with her as it would be someone she knew and not a stranger. I said yes, again it was stupid, short sighted and way to hopefull. It backfired and he freaked out, but we're still mates and still go out together, but he did decline to be our childs godfather even though we decided way before this. So there it is, let me know what you think.


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Jun 26, 698 02:27 PM - Life - by idiot... ()


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