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I fucking hate my body.
I just wish I was born a male and didnt have to feel like this.

Im trans FtM and born in mexico and it sucks, most of my family is /really/ religious and I know for a FACT that alot of them would /HATE/ me if I told them im trans.
My dad would definetly feel guilt for calling me a princess and a beautiful girl and alot of feminine compliments, my granparents would /HATE/ me and my mom and brother.. I dont even want to talk about them.
One out of my two best friend know, and shes trying to accept it but my other best friend
I feel like she would hate me as well.

I dont know what to do, I want to come out but i just cant, everytime I think about coming out I get a panic attack.

its just horrid
absolutely horrid


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Feb 9, 2017 10:55 PM - Health - by Dani ()


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