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I am seriously considering killing myself because I have been unable to find a job for 2 years and am about to be homeless. I would rather be dead than be homeless. I have a degree. I have plenty of intelligence and can do whatever job is put in front of me but no one wants to hire me. No one wants to hire a 40 yr old man starting over. I'm completely useless to society and to the species. All I want to do is do my art but I just spend my time trying to get a job. I hate myself. I am a failure. I wish i was dead most days i wake up.


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Mar 26, 2017 11:50 PM - Life - by ksjdfbqelb ()


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I grew up very sexually repressed.. Leading to me being too scared to want to do anything really sexual.. Didn't really even like touching a mans penis.. After 10 years with my hubby, and starting smoking weed.. Now I love sex & found I love sucking his dick. This week I let him put his hand on my head as I sucked him, and he started pushing me down and controlling me. It got me soo wet. I want to be fucked hard. Mmm.. I just never thought I'd enjoy it this much. It's amazing to me how much I've changed.


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May 1, 2017 12:45 AM - Sex - by Lil Liz (Blog)


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I masturbated repeatedly I groped my roommate's fiance and pulled down my pants to let her look at my anus and I masturbated in front of her and used profanity


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May 1, 2017 12:45 AM - Sex - by Horney ()


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i used to secretly wish i would get raped because i wanted the attention... until it finally happened. i havent had the courage to be able to tell anybody it happened, i feel like because i wished for it that i deserved it.


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Feb 9, 2011 11:39 PM - Sex - by shhh (Blog)


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So, my boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now and we have been having sex since our 2nd month. We do oral and everything. I am so sexually frusterated because he has not made me climax ever. I don't know what to do. I can make myself climax, cum and squirt easily, and I have shown him my "spots" but nothing works. I pleasure him all the time. I am amazing at it. I am just so frusterated because I get nothing in return. I feel like a freak masturbating though. Why can't he pleasure me? There must be something wrong with my body. I feel so hurt about it though. I really want him to make me scream, I want him to want me to. I need it. My secret.


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Nov 6, 2012 11:44 PM - Sex - by No name. (Blog)


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Around this time last year I ended up sleeping with my older cousin we were always really close and I guess I started getting emotionally connected to him. We continued sleeping around until June and then he got a girlfriend and I started feeling bad so we decided not to tell anyone in the family, because our family has already been through a lot. Its been 8 months since we last talked and I'm glad that we stopped but I suppose the guilt is now getting to me. I want to tell my mom but I'm afraid she'll get upset. I feel like a really bad daughter.


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Mar 12, 2014 06:18 AM - Sex - by Tryingtogetbetter (Blog)


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I'm not depressed. My friends are. It's hard for me, to see them so sad. Sometimes I just wanna break down in tears because I don't know how to help. I just feel like they're gonna die and it will be my fault. Somebody help me. What can I say to them? I feel useless!


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May 20, 2015 01:50 PM - Life - by Anonymous... (Blog)


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For secret id I will be calling my friend, R.
this is a real story of how it happened..
had a friend he'd stay the night and I woke up in middle of night around 2 or 3 am. to something poking my pants. R started to rub my penis as R thought I was still sleeping. after about 10 minutes of him touching it I couldn't take it anymore, so I whispered 'suck it'. he said 'why..?' acting like he was sleeping and nothing happened. he didn't play with it again that night. months came by and I was single. it was at my house when it all started.. it was the summer so he could stay the night that night, so I was sleeping in my bed when he was sleeping on floor. at about 2 a.m. I felt that familiar feeling, and pretended to sleep.
he started poking my penis through my pants, when I was laying on my back. after about 5 mins. he got enough courage to unzip my pants. then he started touching it through my boxers. I was getting really turned on at this point and got a boner, his reaction he grabbed it and started jacking me off slow and soft. I pretended to be asleep to see what he was up to. after about 5 minutes he starting pounding my meat really fast with his hand, me 'snoring loud' for like 30 seconds straight, then he stopped.....
then it happened, my dream came true. he put his mouth on my cock, finally!! I couldn't believe it, it was my first blowjob in years (experimented with other friend around age 8 to 11 til he moved.
I was now 15 and it felt so good. I was snoring as he was enjoying me. after about 2 minutes of him doing it, I started to hump his mouth (still laying on back) then I made the darest move ever..i put one of my hands on his head and he got scared cuz he thought I woke up. he was kneeling down on the floor trying to hide in the darkness. I touched my dick and looked, when..... he was at the side of the bed peeking at me touch it. he saw me look at him and he knew I needed his mouth. he got in my bed this time not being scared at all and got to it again.. I was in Heaven, then he took my hands and put them on his head, he wanted me to hump his mouth so I did. Wow, R sure knew how to suck he took my whole penis in his mouth. my balls were literally to this lips I was throat humping him, then suddenly I tensed up and was having an orgasm. I was cumming into his mouth as he was still sucking, sucked me til I was sore. after that night, it was a dream come true.
i'd always spend the night at his house and he knew I wanted it so everytime I stayed there, at about 1 or 2 a.m. he'd wake up then go to where I was sleeping, usually on his floor and he unzip my pants and go for it. sometimes when I felt him touch it i'd help him and unzip my pants for him, so he knew I loved it. I ended up staying the night at his house in the summer every night that year. one time he was doing it and I whispered "you like that cock?" and he didn't hear me so he said "what?" and I repeated and he replied with the sexiest blowjob "Mhmmmm" sound (moan) ever. some times he'd suck me up to 4 times a night between 2 am to 5 or 6am.


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May 20, 2015 02:20 PM - Sex - by Anonymous ()


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Sometimes I wish my husband loved me like he couldn't live without me. I see these posts that my friends write on facebook like "the sweet note he wrote me!" or "flowers from hubby!" and I'm envious. My husband has never gotten me anything that I didn't pick out... I even picked out my wedding set... For once I'd just like to wake up to a note on the bar. Or maybe a planned night out... Just some attention... But the only attention I get is negative. Its not like I don't clean the house, or not take care of the baby, I'm not fat or ugly. I'm just me. Me with anxiety. And here I am.



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I'm still a virgin, and I think wanna have sex. XD


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May 19, 6392 02:27 PM - Sex - by len-chan (Blog)


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